Band: Eric McFadden
Title: Let’s Die Forever…Together
Year: 2007

  1. Slow Lullaby
  2. What’s In My Head
  3. I Break Everything I Touch
  4. Did You Hear That Sound?
  5. Never Go Home
  6. Black Holidays
  7. Sick Inside
  8. Friend Of A Friend
  9. Practical Man
  10. Hole In My Faith
  11. Lucky You
  12. Dead Man’s Lullaby
  13. Ship Without A Dock
  14. Ric’s Lullaby

Featured Guests: Musicians: Seth Ford-Young, Freddie Price, Isabel Douglass, Doug Port, Pat MacDonald, Paula O’Rourke, Sam Bass, Robin Coomer, Marisa Martinez, Ed Ivey
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